Hotel and brewery

As part of the infrastructure that uses the potential of a multicultural ‘City on the trail of cultures’, we anticipate building a hotel providing accommodation and catering (only in terms of breakfast). The style, architecture, design and the name of rooms, as well as facilities of the hotel will refer to the culture of borderland, in particular to the Jewish tradition . It is intended to move tourists to Eastern borderlands, to the times of past centuries.

The facility will have 48 rooms, an exhibition hall and a gallery of Judaica are also planned to be created.

For the needs of creating a Jewish-Polish restaurant, we plan to construct a building ‘Old Brewery’.  Its most important feature will be non-culinary activities telling the story of borderland by means of different attractions. Those include concerts of klezmer music and music of borderland, thematic meetings with bloggers, seminars and training, presentations and film shows presenting former Bilgoraj, organization of outdoor events and other promotional events, workshops of Jewish and borderland cuisine.

Merchant's House

This facility is formed for the establishment of the centre of rehabilitation and wellness. The offer of the facility will be focused on both the treatments associated with neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation, urogynecological as well as short-term visible improvement of the appearance of the so-called renewal. In order to introduce a consistent mood of the whole complex, a specific interior design is planned, showing the way of performing therapeutic procedures from the beginning of the last century.


The building comprises a revitalization of burnt water mill by the river ‘White Lada’. The construction of the mill is inextricably linked with the uprising of borderlands house within, i.e. development center, information and education, and promotion. The concept of the center is based on the innovative concept of ‘one stop shop’ and thus integrate tourism-related functions, quasi-tourist, including cultural, educational and social. The center combines various functions associated with development activities for Bilgoraj subregion, tourist, economic and social information, the promotion of the area in the tourist, economic as well as social context. It is also a place prepared for the cultural, historic and geographic education. The object is also a meeting point for the organization and interactive workshops.


The smithy building will contain a restaurant called ‘Academy of flavours’ which will feature a distinctive traditional borderland cuisine, referring to the history of border in terms of culinary. The catering facility will be targeted at the borderland cuisine, which will be manifested both in the names of the dishes, décor, waiters’ costumes, which directly refers to the traditional heritage of the flavors of our region.

The building will also provide for the organization of events and culinary workshops for children and adults, food festivals and special events. The restaurant will offer the sale of local beverages, tinctures, culinary products inspired by the cuisine of different cultures and based on old recipes.

Eastern Orthodox Church

One of the elements of town attractions will be creating a replica of the wooden Ortodox church of the Assumption from Rudka near Przeworsk from the seventeenth century (built in 1693.) along with iconostasis and polychrome. This is one of the most valuable monuments of sacral architecture in Podkarpacie and one of the oldest Orthodox church in Poland. The building of the Orthodox Church in Bilgoraj will be equipped with the presbytery. Along with the bell tower, the buildings will accommodate the museum of icons and Orthodox worship. Around the church a small reservoir of water retention is planned to be built. The hotel will also serve as organizing concerts of Orthodox music, choir performances and other cultural events.

Parking area with mini-service and car wash

Two-storey building will provide 160 parking places and it will allow, at the same time, the tourists to leave their vehicles in the town area, thus affecting the safety of the environment. A small car repair shop will let the visiting guests to take minor repairs in exceptional situations.

A self-service car wash operating at site will constitute an additional convenience for the visitors.