Fundation „Civic Entrepreneurship for the benefit of integration, economic development, culture, tourism and sport and preserving traditions of borderland regions - Bilgoraj XXI’’ was established by notarial deed on 2nd July 2005.

The foundation was established by a group of residents and supporters of Bilgoraj who are interested in organizing, supporting and promoting activities for the economic development of the region and incresing its tourist attractiveness through the reference to the traditions and customs of borderland regions.

We are in favour of self governed Poland and we foster the development of our small homeland – Bilgoraj.

Organizing, supporting, and propagating/popularizing activities for the benefit of the Town of Bilgoraj  and the Region in spheres:

•   economic development,
•   the protection of tradition and promotion of culhre  and art,
•   increasing tourist attractiveness,
•   sport, physical culture and recreation,
•   health protection,
•   education,
•   the protection of monuments.

Renovation, reconstruction and building  of stylish objects of public and economic utility and also developing the terrain for cultural, recreational, sports and tourist purposes by building in Bitgoraj and in the area a complex called "Town on the Trail of Borderland Cultures" with accompanying objects.

Popularizing historic, cultural and tourist virtues of the Town of Bilgoraj  and the Region.

Fostering and disseminating traditions, content and value of regional cultures.

Taking up educational, training and promotional activities.

Supporting sports and artistic talents.

Disseminating modern technologies favoring environmental protection and regional development.

Integration of residents of the Town of Bilgoraj and the Region.

Charitable activity.